Selling my Carbon Fiber interior

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Jul 23, 2008
these are oem ford parts that have been overlaid with real carbon fiber, clear resin, and UV clearcoated.
Fit: 99-04 Mustangs.

Dash top defrost vent long part - $140.
Gage Surround Bezel - $165
Door Pulls that house the switches ( switches not included) $175
Door Cups - $100
Radio dual din surround $180.
Angel Wings quarters $325.
Shifter surround bezel $150.
Door inserts $65.

PM if interested, i do accept paypal.
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Are these for a 'vert? I am looking for window switch-plates in cf and I can't seem to find them. Most everybody sells billet stuff, but I think that the carbon fiber plates with billet switches look real good.

My '03 was vandalized a couple of years ago and I put the stock interior trim and radio back in it. I am now ready to put a decent radio and nice trim pieces back in.
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