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Oct 22, 2002
south alabama
Ok, heres my problem, hopefully someone else has experienced this or can help. this started 2 months ago. The 99 gt started missing horribly at times and would shut off. no codes were thrown at this time. the car then ran perfect for a few weeks then started acting up again(every other day) i changed the fuel filter(100k miles on car) it was nasty, thought, this has to be it...wrong. so it strands me a few more times, so i change the fuel pump. (got one from wrecked car) still no fix, no code then try a new relay and a brand new fuel pump, ran good for 3 days then starts acting up again. this time throws a code of fuel pump driver module(secondary fuel pump circuit fault.) so i replace it the other day thinking for sure it was the cure, WRONG again. it still threw the code and the guy at the shop that was scanning it said it also threw a pcm failure code. so i get a new computer, go get the keys redone today, and bam...same code of fuel pump driverblablalba circuit...whats left...a guy from ford said they would just have to trace all the wires in the secondary circuit and basically hope for the thanks, thats spells BIG MONEY...please help me someone...
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Ok, if you have a voltage meter, you should take it and go along all the wiring in your car from the computer to the ignition coils and the fuel system wiring. Sorry, but thats about the only thing I can think of. If anyone else has any idea, please share.