single carbon fiber interior pieces

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If you are pretty handy, there is a much easier way to get these carbon fiber pieces for your car.

A company in FL called is one I've dealt with for a lot of years. Check out their website for some nice carbon fiber products. You can go anywhere from the real thing to premade sheets you can cut/modify for your needs. Some of the pre-fab sheets might work for you.

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My father now owns a company that might be able to do some interesting things for your interior panels. Its meant for aircraft interiors but would work on anything. They actually dip your pieces (whatever they might be) into a chemical and then caot them with a photographic film that looks exactly like whatever you want. How would you like it if all of your interior looked like carbon fibre?
:rolleyes: If you want real carbon fiber interior pieces check out (Paper Flames Racing) or under paper flames. Compare the prices on each item cause some stuff is cheaper between the two sites. Don't settle for immitation crapola. The real CF looks better. :nice:
cyberbubba said:
Which is really, really hard.
Sorry to disagree. But I've been getting in to building CF pieces for about 6 months. It's really very close to working with fiberglass. I have been debating building and selling CF pieces for mustangs. But don't know if the demand is there. Paper flames is WAYY too spendy. I believe due to lack of competition. They are however one of the very few places that make CF parts for mustangs.