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Nov 29, 1999
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Due to the increase of group purchases on the StangNet forums we have created the following guidelines & rules to help ensure that the process runs smoothly, efficiently, and that all parties benefit.

Group Purchases are welcome on the forums as long as they adhere to the following:

1) The person(s) organizing the group purchase must not be affiliated with the company offering the purchase. Affiliation includes deriving profits from the purchase or other incentives offered by the company/person (free parts or extended discounts).

2) Before being submitted to the forums all group purchases must be approved by CHarris or StangNet Staff. Please contact CHarris via email:

a) The item(s) involved in the group purchase.
b) The duration of the group purchase.
c) The business providing the part(s) involved and contact information.
d) Any other pertinent information.

Please have the subject heading of your email or PM read ‘Group Purchase Request: ITEM NAME’

Upon approval, you may only post one announcement (thread) about the GP in the approriate forum. The GP must continue on its own merit from the members.

3) The forums role in a group purchase is to allow members to meet others to enter the purchase with. All matters involving payment, shipping, or other sensitive personal data should occur via email or telephone and not on the StangNet Forums.

Unless otherwise stated by a StangNet Staff Member, StangNet does not endorse or broker the group purchase. Group purchases are allowed on the forums as a means of providing value to the members. The nature of the group purchase does not enable StangNet to ensure prompt service or delivery. StangNet is not responsible for the outcome of a group purchase. All issues regarding shipment, delivery, and installation should be handled via the organizer or the business involved.

StangNet reserves the right to approve or decline the submission of group purchases on the forums as it feels fit.

If you have any questions regarding StangNet policy on Group Purchases please contact CHarris via email.

Thank You,
StangNet Staff
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