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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
There is a swap meet in Locust NC. On August 14, 2021
Fox Mustang Restoration ( is the host.
They also hang at and participate in all the big meets too, Mustangweek, Foxtoberfest and I think you can find them at Carlisle too. Some of you may already know them. Of course they have all the social media sites covered.
I only mention this because some of us will be, if not already, looking for something else to do, the inside of that garage or 'mancave' as I have heard it called :doh: has to be getting rank, so pay the neighborhood brat (unless you have one of your own) to empty the ash trays, toss out the beer bottles and sweep the floor while you and your homies get some exercise looking for that chrome plated do dad or maybe even trade that bowling pin lamp for that hula girl lamp you always wanted.
They put this on once a month cept when a bigger show happends.
And if anyone hears of something to do by all means chime in.
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