Spare Tire Space Volume ?


New Member
Jan 21, 2003
Does any-one know what the volume of the spare tire well is? I am thinking of installing 2 JL subs there and need to know what the volume of this space is.

Also is there any where you can purchase a fiberglass enclourse for the well?

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You will find the tire well is going to net around 1.25 cubic feet. I measured my fiberglass tub with water, and converted liters to cubic feet to arrive at this.

I've done several in the same fashion, and they all end up around 1.25.

Search my username for a custom audio build diary, where I took pics of every step of this kind of project (and more). Maybe you'll feel up to giving it a shot yourself! If I can do it, you can too.

I did not fiberglass mine, I just had a box built that fit in the tire well. My box is 1.0 cuft with the displacment for the speaker magnet figured in. I had a 12" Rockford HX2 in there and now I have a JL W6v2 12" and it blows my RF away.