Spark Plug problem.


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Feb 11, 2004
There is a problem, first the number 3 spark plug backed out and shoot out of the engine, and now after it was fixed the number 4 spark plug has done it 2x.

Any Ideas?
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Steeda2004GT said:
Hmm I'm hoping this isn't a normal thing. As stated above, try torqing them to specs or maybe clean the threads if you can?? :shrug: Maybe there is some oil or something in them. I have no clue. I have never heard of this.

They are torqed down to specs, and it just shoots out taking the thread and everything with it. It has striped out the threads on 3 we had to rethread them.

But for real they just shoot straight up.
what year is your car? torque specs on 99+ models are 9-14 ft/lbs. I doubt you torqued them down to specs if they're shooting out so easily. Good news for you helicoiling makes a stronger hold than without.