Squeeking from behind dash


Sep 11, 2005
Moline, IL
Hello all, when I purchased my 89 GT it did not have a radio installed. When driving I hear an annoying squeeking noise coming from behind the dash. If I grab the main radio wire through the open area where the radio should be and pull with a little preasure the squeeking stops. Could this just be the electrical tape and/or wire rubbing against some metal or could it be another problem? Any info would be great. Thank You.


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when do you have this squeaking,all the time after switch is turned on,only when movingect... this info will help. my first thought would be speedometer cable and when you pull wire it pulls cable out of a bind....
It only seems to make the noise as I am moving. No switch is turned on or anything just makes the noise as I am driving. As I said I can get it to stop if I grab the main radio wire and hold it as if it were keeping it from rubbing on some metal behind the dash.
There are several radio wiring harnesses, but we will assume you are speaking of the main power harness, which exits stage left behind the console. I would poke my head or a mirror in there and see if you can see anything near the harness that you pull on. Or see what binds the harness once you pull the slack out of it. You wont be able to reproduce the dynamic that occurs while driving, but there should not be that much stuff that could contribute to the issue.
That's the best way I can think of to narrow it down.

Good luck.