Stalker front bumper


New Member
Jun 20, 2004
Does any one out there have one on there car? If so which one do you have the cervinis one or i have seen another one on ebay. Input from people who have either one. Any suggestions or opions. Thanks
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I have the Cervini Stalker Bumper Cover and personally I think it's over priced and from my experience the quality isn't the greatest.
Sure you’re going to find all sorts of people telling you how great the Cervini's Stalker Bumper is and probably 30% actually have it, the rest are just going to tell you what they've read about what a great product Cervini's is.

Now with all that said would you accept something that's cost you almost $500 to look like this where the Cervini Stalker Bumper is actually pulling away from the front fender? View attachment 483375

This is just my honest and unbiased opinion and hopefully that’s what you’re looking for?
I think they look nice.
it's my opinion that those ebay one piece headlights would look better with that front clip than with the stocker, i think the more rounded lines on the stalker would match the rounded lines in the one piecers, but that's just me