Stereo Question


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Jun 20, 2004
Austin, TX
I was wondering...

I have an '03 GT with the MAch 460, and I was wondering if there was a kit out there to put XM on it. I know they sell kits that come with a display screen to mount in the car, but i believe there is XM on the '04s as an option. I was just wondering if there was a kit that plugged into the stock MAch 460 and used that as it's display. I am sure this is a stupid question for some, but I still need the answer, so no flaming please.
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Jun 6, 2004
Brick, NJ
I am not sure but I am using the XM Commander unit and it works great. It's small and I have it mounted in front of the shifter using velcro with the wire ran under the bezel for the shifter. The fm modulator is mounted under the rear deck right next to one of the mach 460 amps. The antenna is mounted outside the car on the driver's side near the C pillar. It is a strong magnet and just pops right on. Works great! Just tune radio to 87.1 and listen.

That's all I got for you. I have a 2001 so I am not sure if you can actually use the new ones as a display for the xm radio. If not, I would check out XM Commander for $160, it's pretty pimp sauce :)