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Jul 1, 2004
anyone every install their own tops? my friend did it to his 98 z28 when he was 16 and they turned out badass. only thing is with most foxes u need new doors.... but yea has anyone done it?
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I know a guy here that did it. It was an insane amount of work. IMO he would of been better off just buying a t top car.
By the time the labor is done, you have the right doors and the t tops themselves, i've be suprised if you could have it done for under $2500.
o i dont think i really would do it, im just wondering if anyone has incase i possible did. i dont even have a 5.0 yet lol im gonna find one this june, i have a 2.3 right now.

but yea it would be expensive, what my freind did was but the tops from another camaro, bought a weather stripping kit, then fricking took a sawz all to his roof. at first it looked like ****, but then he got all the stripping in and fixed up the rood and it looked real nice. only thing that stopped me from doing the same to my car now is the damn doors wont work becuase the door frame surrouns the whole window, and it would look kinda dumb. all i want right now is a decently fast gt :hail2:
I dont understand how that works because if his car ever flips its Fugged all structural integrity is gone in that car is gone and the body is gonna flex bad... Ive had a lot of cars with t-tops and they are set up differentlyinder the sheet metal..
when you do that, to make it strong structuraly in a crash you cut off a larger peice of the donor car and feather the metal that youre welding.

also fourth gen fbodys have the lines and the structure already for the ttops. real easy swap on a 4thgen.