Tail light bezels?

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Call Saleen, and see what they say.
I called they and they told me they cant get them, But I call them back and talk to a different person and they told me they can get them. :shrug:

So I think that everyone should just call them and keep calling them (and hope they get the hint) So call them and post what they say.
I just picked up a set on ebay with 94-95 tail lights and their wiring harnesses. Just keep an eye out and you'll find them.

am i the only one, or is there anybody else who just does not care for those saleen bezels. i dont know what it is, i just don't like them. what i do like though, are those ones with the amber turn signal. those are sweet.

I agree 100%

I think when I get the chance I'll go with some vertical european spec rears...though I would buy 94-95 ones also if they could be found...