The Day of Reckoning Draws Nigh...


Jan 29, 2004
So Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and much of womandom is waiting for their counterparts to heap an abundance of love, flowers, gifts, and choclolates upon them. So out with it, what are you doing this year to make her Valentine's Day one she'll remember? (Keep in mind, if you neglect your V-Day 'duties', you may be relegated to the couch or elsewhere. And for you married guys, she may even confiscate your car/tax money! :nonono: )
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I've found that the things that make girls the happiest can be the smallest and cheapest of all. Between this year and last I've spent less than $20 on V-Day's and have had perfect results. Just have to think carefully and come up with something that they can tell their girlfriends about. Give them a story that they can make other girls jealous with and they will be more than happy to return the favor! (Albeit likely in a different way.....:D )
I some how talked my girl into "alternating" valentines day duties. This year is her year to plan. I got her tulips and a stuffed dog. :lol: I already gave them to her, just in case the stupid flowers die. :D She loved them.

Whatever you do don't fall into the TRAP I did with my ex-wife. 1 rose the first year, then 3 the next, then a half dozen, then a dozen, then 2 dozen, then..... :bang:
Flowers are the DUMBEST thing to get because what do they do with them??? After a week, they die then are turned into mulch and thrown on the front lawn. And besides, what do the men get? Nothing... and what they think is a gift is no gift cause you're supposed to be getting that anyway. That's like going in their closet and giving them their favorite shoes, pants, etc. Anytime you hear that it's the thought that counts, try it. Yeah right. If that's the case, I'll think about... new Shelby GT500's for everybody!!!
Sorry for the rant. The main thing is that both people let the other person know what they mean to the other and the trick is to find that way. Flowers are not it. Try this guys... do the laundry, dishes, shoo the kids away for a little while, give them a little peace and after that, you finally take them to dinner. Those gestures of "helping out" around the house will be the best gift to give. And to those who still have that special someone, show them everyday, not just Feb. 14, what they mean to you because I, as one who lost my significant other, can tell you that is the most important thing.
i agree
i find flower purchases are only successful on 'odd ball' days. for instance, out of the blue, for no particular reason at all, buy a rose or two and leave it on their car...
attached of course your name.
or if you're going out somewhere, have one rose resting on the passenger seat of the car so when she gets in... blah blah...

i bought my gf a deluxe heating pad for v-day ;D
she's always saying her back is sore, now... it won't be! ;D
she's always saying her back is sore, now... it won't be! ;D

Well, if you'd leave her alone............. :D J/K.

For guys whom hate flowers, a nice potted flower is kind of a nice alternative. She can plant it and whenever she waters it, she'll think of your V-day.
ok so I'm still finishing up my shopping for my girlfriend but she has given me a few gifts so far. She made me a fleece blanket that is white and blue. On the white side, she hand sewed a Ford emblem. On the blue side she hand sewed a mustang emblem with the 3 stripes in it. :D she made me a huge a chocolate chip cookie (1' by 1') and she bought me a pair of silk playboy boxers.
Ok. The "PRICELESS" part actually happens WAY more than just Valentines Day. (But still not often enough, if you ask me.) She likes it as much as I do! Woo-hoo!

1 dozen roses-$18.82 (Wal Mart)
1 "Happy Valentines Day" 2 foot tall Teddy bear-$10.00 (Wal Mart)
1 V-day card-$3.00
1 "Quick" dinner out-$15.00

Using a half a (12) box of "Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive" in an evening-PRICELESS!
Hmm... what should I get myself tomorrow, since I have no woman to take my hard earned money? :D


You could get this for your hand...I mean yourself...:D :rlaugh: