The Horse Power Ranch has moved.


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Sep 27, 2001
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As of today, the Horsepower Ranch dyno tuning facility has become part of The Mustang Shop. Many of you in the community (including us) have known John and the HPRanch for years as "the man" to see for dyno runs and tuning. He is well known and respected not only in the Pacific Northwest area, but throughout the country at many facilities where he has tuned and has assisted others with their tuning challenges. Because of his equipment and abilities, he quickly became an integral part of many of the cars we service and build.

Those of you who had been to HorsePower Ranch know the shop was located at his home. This presented challenges with neighbors, and availabity & scheduling was often difficult. In addition, since all he did was dyno tuning, it left many driving or trailering a car somewhere else to get parts or work done to complete the tune. Having the dyno located in a full-time shop will mean the phone always gets answered (almost anyway!), a more regular schedule, and fast parts availability
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Apr 26, 2011
The Horse Power Ranch has not moved They sold to TMS
I do not call the Horse Power Ranch I call it the way it is
It is The Mustang Shop Dyno Tune Dep.


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Jul 13, 2003
Tucson AZ
wow, way to bump an old thread, but agreed, john has nothing to do with TMS
I would hope he dont have anything to do with it!John would NEVER send out a tune like they have been or treat anyone the way they do!I'm curious if he knows how things are now???????????? :notnice: peace



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Jan 29, 2004
Corpus Christi, TX.
I wasn't happy with either shop! I know alot of you think highly of them but I got wrapped up an a huge issue with both that ended up costing me a motor. 5 months of sitting around and got crap in return. Screw both of those shops. Would not recommend either.
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