They dont fit and im pissed


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Aug 31, 2003
This angers me. I have a 98 GT. I just bought AFS Cobra R wheels. 17 x 8 up front and 17 x 10.5 in back. They said it would fit 94- current mustangs. These rims rub on the shock stabilizer (thats what the tire place called it ... see pic) without tire on it. Just the rims themselves are too big. Has anyone with the 94-98 mustang GT got these on there and how? One of the mechanics said there is a replacement part to relocate that stabalizer. So i ran up to mustangs unlimited and asked them about it and they said i dont need that damn thing anyway if i just get lower control arms. So i bought lower control arms, and i go back to the garage. They said that these arms arent gonna do anything to replace that stabalizer. Thus, i accomplished nothing but waste gas :bang: :bang: Has anyone had experience with this? Can i get replace that stabalizer with lower control arms? Can i just take it out? Will the wheels fit anyway with a spacer? Are spacers ok to use? Any help would be appreciated.



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I have the same rims on my 01GT. No rubbing at all and I run 315 BFG.
Maybe the 94-98 have less space, anyways u can get some LCA and get ride of that quad shock or get some spacer if u need a little bit of space.
MY tires/rims combo is about 1"/1.5" from rubbing tho
98GTBlk said:
So are these mechanics wrong, or are they just looking at it from a different standpoint? Example being a 'what works' standpoint over a 'whats safe' stand point.
They are wrong. Many people ditch them. I have several good friends that have and once I get my new control arms I am ditching mine. Quad shocks only help wheel hop and tire spin. Control arms will take care of that.
I think what the shop meant was that is would have been much cheaper(labor and parts) to just get $30-$40 spacers than get into a debate over the true functionality of the quadshocks. What will probably happen if you remove the qshocks for obstruction is that your tires will rub the inside of the fenderwell anyways. So you might as well plan on getting a spacer regardless of whether you choose to install the LCA and remove the quad shock. I don't like to play Jenga with my Mustang..thats's my .02