Tick/Ping Sound


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Aug 30, 2005
I've done some searching around here and haven't really found the same issue that I'm having. At least not the way I would word it. I have a 2001 GT that is pretty much stock. Exhaust is stock, no tunes done, at least not yet. I've only done cosmetic stuff so far.

My problem: when I am merging onto the highway (car is at full operating temp), and I get on it in 3rd gear, I hear a pinging or ticking type sound when the RPMs get around 4500-5000. If I am in 5th gear cruising and I drop it into 3rd or 4th and get on it WOT, I hear the same thing. I don't really hear it in 1st or 2nd WOT. If I'm in 5th (hypotheitcally going 55 so flooring it would strain it) and I floor it to get up to speed without changing gears, I kinda hear it then too. I'm not really sure what's going on with it, but it doesn't sound good at all. Does this make any sense?

Any suggestions or comments for this newbie to the Forum? Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like detonation/pinging. Definatly back off when you hear it, its very hard on the engine.

What octane fuel are you running? Cheap brands or anything? Mine had that problem for a tank or two of gas and then it went away.
I have always used 87 and generally from Exxon, Shell or Texaco. I will try higher octane this weekend. This has been going on for several tanks now from different major gas stations.