Tim Hortons Rant!!!!

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Aug 10, 2002
Ontario, Canada
Why is it that arguably the largest coffee shop chain ever built in Canada always only has one bathroom in it?

When you consider the amount of traffic these places see on any give morning alone (never mind the rest of the day), why in gods name wouldn’t they have bathroom facilities with multiple stalls and urinals? Out of the nearly hundred (give or take) Tim Horton’s restaurants I’ve been in throughout Eastern Canada throughout my life time, I could probably count on both hands how many of them were multi-facility and/or designed to hold more than one occupant at a time!!!

Discuss. :shrug:
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hahahaha yes so true, Don't you just love the long line ups at the drive thru no matter what time you go. Or the people in front that order 12 coffee,s and 6 dozen donuts
Hmmmm. I don't post often especially in this section......but man o man have you started a topic!

I love Timmy's but it has gotten to the point of ridiculous! If you can even get in the door forget using the can!

Secondly why don't they have crackers for their soup!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH:mad: