Trade Advice Please!


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Jan 26, 2014
I have a 2014 V6 Premium with Pony package and auto trans.
Considering trading it for a 2014 GT Premium, Manual, with Comfort, glass roof with Californiaspecial package and 3.73 ratio limited slip.

Mine has under 1000 miles on it sticker was 29540
the other is brand new. MSRP 41170.

Dealer wants mine and 14,000 which includes everything , tax, title, doc, etc.

I really miss having a sunroof and the glass roof I love.
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Hmm, seems okay.. I traded in a 2013 Focus ST Loaded with about that same sticker price new with 12k miles for a 2013 GHIG GT Premium with comfort, so sans glass roof and C/S package, although it was used (4k miles), and paid a difference of 5500. Seems a little high, but then again, it's new. I'd look for some barely used ones, I think that's what put me way ahead.

Edit: for reference, sticker on my focus was 30,2XX. If you built my GT right now on Ford's website using previous model year, it comes to 39,5XX. Roughly.