trick flow plenum

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I have the trick flow plenum along with the Ford Racing 70 mm throttle body and the C&L mass air flow kit and true flow intake tube and it worked awesome.

I wrecked my 1996, so now I am selling all my bolt-ons, which includes the trick flow plenum, professionaly polished, so it looks sweet.

I will be selling the following items on ebay:

Trick Flow plenum (profesionaly polished)
C&L Mass air kit, complete with the true flow intake tube (profesionaly polished)
70 mm Ford Racing throttle body
Bassani off road x pipe
Diable Chip (programmed for a stock 1996 Gt, but can be re-burned for any mustang.

All items have about 7,000 miles of use on my 96 Gt. Stuff is practically brand new.

I will be posting a thread with all the details. If anyone wants to make me an offer before I put them up on ebay, let me know ASAP.

Thanks, Edo.