TT 300zx for..


It's a 94, but it looks pretty good. Kelly blue book has one in "fair condition" rated at 7 grand from a private seller.

What do you guys think about these cars? I looked up some specs and they have 300 hp, 283 tq, and run 14.2 in the 4th.

Seems pretty solid, and quick.

He recently replaced the clutch, and the flywheel. Also the timing chain and water pump. He said there has been no problems at all with it mechanically since the day he bought it. It's god alright paint.. slightly oxidized. The inside is pretty decent. Both leather seats are ripped slightly and would probably need to be replaced if it bugged me enough hah.

So what do you guys think?
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I like Pro3 and all I got was this crappy CT.
Jul 24, 2003
StateCollege PA
Make sure have mechanic go through transmission. You think T56 is expensive?! you wait until u need to replace one of them...
Turbo is not cheap either.

Basicaly, do you check. do it well
That was sort of my idea, I hear the can get huge, fairly easily.

I've always loved the way they looked too. Gotta be one of the best imports. I'm not the typical "hate import" kinda stang owner like many of the people seem to be on here. I like the idea of a 300zx TT.. but I like the idea of a TT mustang just a little more I think =)