Us Air Force Ford Mustang Auctioned For Nearly $400k


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Nov 29, 1999
Auburn, AL
Back in early July we told you about a special USAF edition Ford Mustang and all of its supporting details. So the “Gathering of Eagles” auction event happened mere days ago, and the 2014 Mustang GT done-up for a fortunate bidder, was auctioned off with a final price of $398,000. Wow. The cool part about the high price is that it’s for charitable purposes; so the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Young Eagles program benefits as a result.

The 2014 Mustang GT USAF Edition is marked out as an official VIN 0001, and will join the ranks of several other Mustangs auctioned off for the Young Eagles program. Back in 2008, the AirVenture auction held host to the auction of the 2008 Mustang AV8R, which was also a one-off for the auction block…and it’s price tag was $500K–quite silly in amount.

In total, Ford’s special edition Mustang auctions have benefited the Young Eagles with over $2.5M over the recent years. That’s completely crazy–and very cool!

Source: AutomobileMag via Ford

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