What about the GTS???

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I agree. This is the only thing Ford did that was close to the LX 5.0. As a prior owner of a '93 5.0 LX coupe I appreciate the GTS. I've got a '98 GT with cloth interior but I would love to get rid of the spoiler and all the power stuff. Just adds weight and is something else to go wrong. I want it with no options right down to no radio and AC. Just motor, wheels and tires.
Gts Id?

Here's a stupid (maybe) question...is there a VIN code or some other way to know for sure that a car is a GTS? My registration actually reads "Mustang GTS" on it...but the car is loaded: Mach460, wing, fog lights, leather, power seats, lumbar, pw, pdl, pm, cruise, auto, a/c...everything, I believe, except rear defrost, and no CD player. Does have the 16" 5 spokes on it, though...

What gives? Is the car a "loaded GTS", which would completely defeat the "point" of a GTS? Or is my registration just confused?

Just wondering...
My 95 GTS weighs in at 3220 with a 1/2 a tank of gas in it. my brothers 94 GT weigh in at 3430. I would definatly say they are lighter. My car didn't have a spoiler when it was new but the previous owner installed it. The info I found said that there where 846 white 5-speed cars built in 95. Maybe someone has better info.
sorry to revive a dead thread but i just realized my car was a gts and was wondering what is so special about em? are they just more race inclined since theyre lighter?