What are some good 6 letter and less license plate combos??

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yellow1995Cobra said:
lol that would be funny.. All my chebbie friends always call it a 5slow too :lol:

Same with me. My friend with a 96 Camaro just calls it "the point slow"

It's funny cuz my car is actually faster than his....he even says so.

I saw a thread once with a ton of names....it might have been on corral.

Here's my little 6 letter plate. :)

mytight95 said:
I know this is gonna be a dumb question but what kind of intake is that on your car bishop.
No, not a dumb question at all seeing that they haven't been produced since the mid 90's. Its a Saleen/Vortech (upper). THey stopped making them because basically the lower that it uses (a 351 truck lower) sucked and it didn't perform worth a darn. Then along comes the Holley Systemax II lower and since then they (the Saleen/Vortech upper) have been making a comeback. (using a Holley lower with it changes its peformance capibility dramatically.) I bought it mainly as a showpiece. My car is both a show car (and since I always liked the SAleen/Vortech Upper i hunted one down on the classifieds) and a drag/street car. I could have went with a intake combo that might have performed better, but IMO it certainly would'nt have looked as good and the performance increase would have been minimal (my lower is ported.)