what are those ribbed tail light panels on a 67 deluxe called ??

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This what you mean:


Think they are called Rear Panel Applique.

HTH, Angus

yes that's it thanks - I was getting frustrated looking for them. Couldn't even find them as tail light panels:rolleyes:

not sure what I was thinking when I did this lol

I think that panel with the dark blue paint will look good huh ??:shrug:

I dunno... looks kinda cool in alluminum finish. and arent they for the non shelby taillights?

oh yeah I meant that I would remove the Shelby stuff and put that panel on. I wouldn't paint the panel I like the silver finish too. I meant I'd like the silver finish of that panel with normal tail lights and the dark blue paint of the car :nice: I had the bumper painted blue also:D