what gauge sheet metal


Oct 7, 2006
For making patch panels on the roof, trunk area, wheel wells, and fire wall what gauge sheet metal should I get? I am having a hard time locating any sheet metal in the Havelock, NC area, and when I finally find some I want to make sure I get the correct stuff.
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I've used 22 gauge for most patches. Exterior metal like rockers, fenders, qtr pnls, I try to use something heavier like 20 or 18, BUT! It can be hard to find. Check your local Lowes hardware and you will find 22 and 16. Very helpful. We have Maryland Metals in our backyard, but they make you buy the whole 4x8 sheet. Again, very helpful. THey did refer me to a little hole in the wall shop that fabricates and installs gutters on really large buildings. Cut what I want for free and still don't know how they can sell me sheet metal so cheap. So, I just got lucky I think. You need to find a place like that. Do a yellow pages search for your area. ust punch in your city and state and search Sheet Metal. (www.yellowpages.com) See what you get and call around.