what is causing my car to have extended crank?


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Apr 16, 2003
i have posted this a long time ago, and remember some other guys that were having the same problem. anyway i was wondering if you guys were able to fix this problem and what did you do to fix it?

problem: 02 gt extended crank when i try to start the car. it cranks and cranks and cranks then most of the time it will start, but somtimes it dont and i have to try it a second time. when this occurs the car usually starts soft, not strong sounding. kinda sputtery. once it is started car seems to run ok and sitting idel is fine.

this used to occur only when the car engine was hot, now it is happining more ofter anf engine temp doesnt matter. seems like what ever it is, its going to bune itself out, but i dont want to be stuck in my garage.

ford has seen it a million times,"they say everything is fine" im done with them.

i replaced the iac but it wasnt that. im was thinking maybe replacing the egr and the fuel presure senser :shrug:

guys please help me out, i really cant have the car not start one day.

if any of you have any ideas please post them. thank you
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a hole ford supposedly checked the fuel pressure, but they are idiots. my boy thinks it seems fuel related. i really dont know what else could cause this kind of problem.

how do you pinpoint where in the fuel system you are looseing the pressure?
i kinda have the same problem with my car. i think it just loses fuel pressure quickly after shutdown. it never happens if i turn the key to run for a couple of seconds and let the fuel pump cycle to build some pressure. just my .02 :shrug: