what should i get?

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Bassani off road X pipe and bassani catback or magnaflow.

Pro 5.0 or Steeda Tri-Ax short shifter

JLT intake

Ford Racing 4.10 gears with aluminum driveshaft

i just think these are the best quality parts/Brands from experience. i had bbk h-pipe and flowmasters on the 96 cobra. spent more money with the parts on the 98 and am happier. more power outta them too. Good Luck!
I don't have one yet. But the MGW shifter seems to be the favorite shifter at the moment. Search some previous posts and you'll see it regularly gets rated higher than the Pro 5.0 or Steeda pieces.
littleguy07 said:
i looked this stuff up last night...3 piece bbk underdrive pulley kit... bbk headers...k&n intake kit and a flowmaster american thunder catback system. how does all that sound

havent heard good things about BBK headers... K&N intake, probably also not worth the money. JLT is probably the best and it's $225.00.

shifters are easy to install. takes like a half hour. just remove the shift boot, prob need an allen key for the bolts to the shifter. i havent done it in forever. it's just lining up the ball on the bottom of the shifter with the transmission, which can be a problem and totally F up your tranny. unless you are totally confident doin it, i'd have someone put it on to be safe. am i right anyone? ha

im going to do the exhaust what kind of headers and catback do u guys reccomend?
and what brand of shift kit so far i heard Pro 5.0 or Steeda Tri-Ax short shifter and do i need the 4.30 gears and it will be my daily driver

btw i plan on a supercharger next spring
what are my chance of getting caught with the off-road x pipe from bassani

STREET or OFF-ROAD If you are upgrading the exhaust system on your vehicle, we recommend using Bassani's X-Pipe™ brand or Equalizer™ brand crossovers pipes with catalytic converters. Bassani only uses premium cats and all factory emissions connections are retained. Compared to the off-road crossover pipe without cats, there is virtually no difference in power output. So for street use, crossovers with catalytic converters are definitely the way to go.

i pulled this off an ebay item really no difference in power
but on ebay the street legal ones are in the 500's and the off road use only is around 300
?? i still think there's more power w/o the cats.

just don't always be on the gas and you won't get caught. i've been pulled over before and never was questioned about my exhaust and my car is obnoxiously loud. if you're worried, leave it in neutral past a cop. only a real dick would pull you over for it, unless some calls them and complains. i got my o/r x pipe for $255 and the cat back for $445. keep lookin.