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91 foxbody

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Feb 15, 2007
I have a 91 lx hb 5.0. Stock exept for MA,TB,pullies,headers,exhaust,373 gears. I am wanting to buy the best h,c,i combo with the most power without flycutting pistons. Bottem end will stay stock till it breaks. Want everyone's opinion on combos, whether it is a kit or a mix and match. Post some RWHP numbers if available. Dont have a strict budget, but would like to stay $2500-$3000.
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"The best combo" has to be the MOST ambiguous phrase ever used on a repeated basis.

So far you've only mentioned not wanting to mess with your stock bottom end and not wanting to have to flycut the pistons for standard valve arrangement 2.02/1.60 heads. What are your plans for the car? How will you drive it? Do you have any other concerns like needing daily driver reliability?

The best combo for what?
Sorry to sound repetitive. I am fairly new to mustangs. I am 35 and recenly sold my 70 nova with 383 stoker and Muncie 4-speed. I love the mustangs but miss the power. It will mainly be a week-end driver with occasional trips to the local 1/4 mile track. I am looking for power and a cam to match the heads and intake that really thumps. The 302 probably does not have the potential the 383 did but the nova was also heavier. I am looking for power and torque more than streetability since it is not my main mode of transportation. I also have have a 93 coupe with a 4 cyl. but the body on this car is great,no rust anywhere including around all the glass it is calypso green. Bought to build a bigger motor but bought a bass boat instead. I live in Ga if any one is interested in the car.
id try the trick flow top end kit itys very complete and in your price range, ask aliatex about it him and others ive talked to swear by them.

I agree......Trickflow makes a nice kit but most say go with a different cam to get full potential.

Not sure what your 383 Nova runs in the 1/4 but 260rwhp can get you 12's in a 5.0 pretty easy with a decent driver if set up right.
I think it depends on what you want to spend . You mentioned 2500-3000$ , there are several complete kits out there for example the Trickflow top end kit as well as the holley systemax .

If you are looking for more bang for the buck you can go the exporer route gt-40 or gt-40p heads which came on certain model ford explorers . An explorer intake which is similiar to the Ford racing cobra intake and a Ford racing letter cam or trickflow stage 1 . These parts can all be obtained for under $1000 easily . Get some port work done and this combination will be right there with the higher priced kits .

I am partial since I went with ported gt-40p's , E-cam and Cobra intake . I do not have any numbers yet since I just recently completed my work but the seat O' the pants dyno says its a healthy combo!