whats the correct size carb for me?


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Mar 27, 2004
hey guys need a carb just wasnt sure wich size to get .. was planing on a holly street avenger..my setup is stock rebuilt bottom end gt 40 irons e 303 cam edelbrock rpm intake 1-5/8's longtubes offroad h super 44's.. saw one on craigslist like brand new for 250$ but its a 670 thought that might be to big.. any imput ?
p.s any idea what kind of hp a setup like that should make?
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if the carb is adjusted correctly, it will run just fine. i run a quadrajunk on my 67 that was built by a local guy that really knows his stuff. i had a demon and he built this thing for my combo-they're about 750 cfm or so and it really woke up my car-smoother acceleration, great throttle response, etc. 670 cfm with your mods (=good volumetric efficiency) should be no problem :D