Where to find the SS MAC Catback???

Dr Jay

Jan 1, 2004
I'm sooooo frustrated:nonono:

I have called so many places looking for the Stainless Mac Cat back TK8604. I keep getting nowhere and I'm starting to get steemed. You guys in the South have no idea how hard it is to get parts in Canada, not to mention the extra cost involved.

StangSuspension = Josh on vacation, not doing any international orders until May 8th
American Muscle = don't sell mac
Texas Hot Rods = have on e-bay and said they would call me back after lunch (that was yesterday) e-mail sent
Steeda.ca = would take a month or more
Ninosport = not too sure about shipping to Canada due to size, will call me back (that was yesterday)
Summit Racing = don't sell MAC
Local Ford Dealer = will take 2 months

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Go straight thru Mac. Macperformance.com or pacificaperformance.com. They should have them!!

Just found them at macmidwest.com $489.50

All out of stock and I just got off the phone with the guy at MAC and no matter what I asked him he just repeated the same response "I don't know when I will be manufacturing them again" :mad:

Any other suggestions? I'm wondering now if there is something wrong with this system. Why wouldn't MAC know when they will be manufacturing them again???
Same reason they don't know when they will produce a catted pro-chamber again :( Maybe not enough demand.

MAC screwed themselves with their Dura-Black coating, it's pure crap. They stepped up to the plate way to late with their SS and new coating (it's silver I forget the name)... They have a lot of internet animosity to bypass before they get out of the red and into the black on the books IMO.

It's a shame too because I love the sound of my catted prochamber, its just the crappiest product I have on my car right now as far as rust and such... it has the durablack and it was rusting within 6 months.