Whipple twinscrew 2.3L 140AX leftover parts from kit NEW $375

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Apr 12, 2009
Whipple twinscrew 2.3L 140AX leftover parts from 5.3L Chevy, GMC kit, includes everything from kit except S/C unit, electronics, belt, idler pulley,
intake tube and filter, kit costs over $5k new and most people ditch the electronics, buy these parts and then buy 2.3L unit and still be under $3k, will direct fit Chevy/GMC 2003-2006 Vortec

Silverado SS/HD 2500, HD 3500
Sierra Sierra HD 2500 HD 3500
Tahoe LT Z71
Yukon, Yukon XL
Denali, Denali XL

Comes with all parts shown:

-all hardware, spacer and aluminum brackets
-blower inlet and outlet plenums
-(2) 60 lb Siemens / Mototron DEKA IV High Impedance Fuel Injectors @43.5
psi (uses standard EV1 Bosch injector plug)
-fuel rail and AN in/outlet fittings, nitrous port
-bypass valve and plumbing
-6-rib tensioner & pulley
-idler pulley adjuster

View attachment 223841
View attachment 223842

the picture of the kit installed (not selling whole kit), may also fit Cadillac Escalade, H2 and, can make it fit your Ford with some dedication, I know its not for a Ford but I'm a Ford guy, so what the heck

asking $375 shipped, or go and bid

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