WHOOOOHOOOO... 12.50's !!


Founding Member
Apr 1, 2002
Stanwood, Washington
I gotta take a second to gloat.....I haven't been overly impressed or happy with some of the things on my Mustang project, but the straight line performance is finally coming around. Running on suspension that is wayyyy too stiff to transfer weight and using 275/40-17 drag radials that don't even come close to "wrinkling", I managed a 12.53 Wednesday night at Pacific Raceways. That particular run went like this...

60ft. 1.874
1/4 12.53
mph 110.34

This is with my N/A 302 and 5 speed.

New, slightly softer spings and fresh tune up pieces are waiting to go in and I will try to get a little time on the dyno to figure out what I am leaving on the table for horsepower.

Anywho, had to get excited and tell everyone about something that is finally putting a big fat smile on my face!!

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