WHOOP WHOOP Interior parts back from paint shop. take a peek

Put the interior parts in today and added the upr bling bling baby...

If anyone is interested in this. PM. the year and what pieces, ill get you a price. as of now it would take a week or so if that.

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Thanks Mish, all is going better! Anyway, no racing at PIR until the weekend of June 25th for late night drags. The stang is up for sale and out at Sandy so racing is probably out of the question, Randall doesnt want it out of the shop... However, we will be there! I really like the stang's new look, gotta bring that to PIR next time so i can see it in person.
Looks nice. Do ya think it made the car any faster? lol, im sure a honda driver would say its good for like a tenth or two. Just kidding i like it, gives it a custom look, but not like your trying to hard ya know. I may be at the track next time late nights are open, who knows.