Worth doing, not even really a mod!


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May 28, 2005
after looking at the filter on the oil fill tube. i realized how cheaper it is to do sucha thing versus buying a 20.00 cap with the filter. so tommorow im going to buy a small breather ad a plug! lol. i always liked how the extra filter makes the car look like it belongs to a car enthusiast rather than just your runof the mill gas and drive owner...is this worth my time and 8-10.00! i mean i was gonna spend 20 plus shipping for a breather twist on cap!!! any harm when doing this??
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Since you can't see the PCV on that engine, you have to assume it's been eliminated. That really doesn't involve much, except capping the vacuum port that would run to your PCV valve on the upper plenum, and either finding a plug that would fit in place of the PCV valve on the lower, or leaving it in place and putting a cap on it, so that it doesn't allow any sort of debris to enter the engine.
So youre basically doing that for the looks? What you are doing is evaporating vapors into the atmosphere instead of recirculating them back into the engine. Not exactly good for the environment.

Any real car enthusiast would just look at you and question why you have a random breather on your motor.