Mustang Coyote Swap: Brakes, Power Steering & Start Up

It is finally time to turn the key and start our Coyote Swap Project. See more here:

In the video Jmac walks you through the final steps we had to complete before we could start our Bondurant Cobra Coyote Swap. He quickly rehighlights the BBK Coyote Swap headers, off road x pipe and the dumped cat back system we have in place. He also highlights the Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft, Quicktime bellhousing, Stifflers tubular crossmembers and other driveline items we used in the swap. Lastly Jmac hits on some of the most critical parts of this Mustang Coyote swap - the brake system, oil system and the power steering system.

To retain the sway bar, we were forced to relocate the oil filter and find another solution for power steering pump bracket. We used the Ford Racing Remote Oil Filter adapter, M6881M50, to accomplish moving the oil filter. We tried to use the Ford Racing Power Steering Pump Bracket, M8511M50BR, but unfortunately it would not clear the sway bar. So we turned to the SVE accessory brackets to give us all needed clearance. It even allows for us to easily keep the hydroboost system by putting the power steering pump in the factory 96-04 location.

The engine wiring harness plugged right into the Ford Racing Controls Pack with no issue. Next up we connected our braided fuel line to the fuel rail with the help of our 5.0L fuel rail adapter fitting, RUS-640853. With that done, we now had the brakes hooked up, the engine plugged into the ecu, the fuel connected to the motor. Next on the list is connecting the clutch assembly to the pedal. We reused the existing clutch cable and routed it around the new 5.0L engine. We also addressed the coolant lines to hook the engine up to the radiator. The only thing missing at this point is electrical power. You will have to use a battery relocation kit to move the battery to the trunk.

With that complete the Mustang Coyote Swap officially runs! Now it is time get this Cobra to the dyno to she how much extra power we are making!
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