1990 mustang

  1. ‘90BlueFox

    What is this for

    What is the hole for above the fuel pump hole. What goes there
  2. FoxbodyD90

    I have a few questions about my ‘90 fox

    I have a 1990 foxbody that I got handed down to me and it’s been sitting for over 10 years and I need help. I’m going to drain all the fluids out of the car first and my first question is to drain the gas can I just funnel it out or do I have to drop the tank and drain it out that way.
  3. B

    Fox Tire options for 90 fox with 17x9s

    Doing a ground up restoration on a 90 foxbody. Planning on doing a cobra clone body kit. have swapped to sn95 spindles and 10th anniversary cobra calipers and tubular A-arms. I’m wanting to put on machined 03 cobra wheels (17x9). Was hoping someone could share with me how big of a front tire I...
  4. T

    Cranks but wont start

    I have a 2.3L 1990 mustang i was daily driving for about a year. I left it sitting for a few months starting it every 2 weeks or so until one day i went to start it and it wont start. it'll crank and sound as if it will just about start but then doesn't. i have since checked for spark, replaced...
  5. S

    Engine 5.0 Running Rough (1990)

    Mustang running very rough Any Help Greatly Appreciated. i did upgrade to 24lb injectors but problem was there prior to the change as well changed : distributor cap and rotor, also change the coil, spark plugs + wires, fuel filter, fuel pump, IAC, EGR, still can't figure out the problem. also...
  6. S

    For Sale 1990 7-Up Mustang LX Conv, 54,000 Orig. Miles, Nice Original $12,900

    Selling my 1990 7-Up Mustang LX Convertible. This survivor has just 54,000 original (and documented) miles, and is a nice, unrestored original paint car, HO 5.0 with automatic. I have the original Window Sticker and sales documents from new, and a clean car fax. Questions 804-393-0406. Located...
  7. T

    Interior and Upholstery New user. 90 lx Seat bolt issue

    Hi, new to the forums and working on cars in general. Have to replace the heater core on my 90 lx 2.3 mustang. Step one I hear is to remove the seats. I've been stuck for 3 days trying to get the 2 rear bolts for the front seats to budge. I've used wd40, open and shut spray, box end wrench...
  8. J

    Window Problem Need Help

    I have a 1990 mustang 5.0 and my passenger side window will not go up but it will go down I've already changed the motor so I know it can't be that , It goes down with the passenger and driver side panel havnt tried to switch the panel on opposite side can anyone help me out
  9. B

    Please Help

    Currently just got the automatic transmission rebuilt for my 1990 mustang GT. After the rebuild the car now stalls when coming to a stop or put into park. I tried cleaning the mass air flow sensor and throttle body and still no luck.