1991 foxbody hatchback

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    Fox Strut tower issue

    Hello, I’m curious what you guys think should be done. Cut up strut tower, what’s the next move? Easy weld or new assembly?
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    Foxbody with no start issues

    Looking for some help or advice. I've just recently rebuilt my 1991 LX with a 408 stroker motor and MSD ignition system, and Aeromotive Fuel System. Here is what has been done so far: Verified fuel pressure running around 42PSI, and the motor has great compression, problem seems to be with the...
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    Getting codes 998 and 122.

    Have a 1991 Mustang Lx2.3l. When I do koeo test I get code 122. Tps sensor is brand new. Just replaced. Went ahead with koer test and got codes 998 and 122. Need help in the direction I should go. When I tested my tps sensor I was getting a constant reading of 0.051 volts. Something turned on...
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    Where is the Eec Relay?

    I have a 1991 Hatchback 2.3l. Been testing voltage on wires from engine bay to under the dash. I need to test the wires on the eec relay next but cant seem to find it. Some have showed it under the eec-iv, some have showed it directly above. I have skinny arms and have felt around everywhere. I...
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    New to mustang world. Have a 91' lx 2.3l with problems.

    I had the car running just the other day. Went to start next day and fuel pump wasn't turning on. It's a brand new pump. The ignition switch has also been replaced in the past. Just bought a new fuel pump relay thinking that's all it was. sadly, still nothing. When I jump the wires at the fuel...
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    Engine 1991 Please Help -No Start No Click Starter Problems

    So I got a 91 foxbody 5.0 and it came with the silonoid disconnected and the NNS all 3 wires twisted together. So I hook the silonoid up get a battery and when I would touch the last battery terminal on it even without the key in I would here a loud starter click and when I would go to crank it...