Where is the Eec Relay?


Jul 25, 2019
Dayton TX
I have a 1991 Hatchback 2.3l. Been testing voltage on wires from engine bay to under the dash. I need to test the wires on the eec relay next but cant seem to find it. Some have showed it under the eec-iv, some have showed it directly above. I have skinny arms and have felt around everywhere. I just cant seem to find the relay at all.
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Jul 25, 2019
Dayton TX
So come to find out the ircm was replaced so it's practically brand new. I cleaned up the two grounds right next to the battery and next thing I know is it's running. Thanks to everyone for the help. Going to monitor it for the next few days and make sure that's all.

Update: Well after one day it stopped again. Smacked the ircm, or ccrm which ever it is, and fp came back on. Something is shorting it but need an off day to test ohms on wires. Dont really want to open it to confirm if its burning anything. Hopefully its something simple.
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Jan 10, 2011
Probably burnt trace in the IRCM circuit board, OR failing relay. You can remove it and drill the rivets out that hold the black cover to the circuit board, then inspect all of the relays and board. You can also solder on new relays if you wish. It's not that hard to do. I just had my '93's A/C cutout relay give me some fits, exactly as you describe (whack it and the a/c comes on, hit a bump a/c goes off), pulled it apart found bad relay. Grabbed a relay I had already, soldered it onto the board and it's good to go. New IRCM is about $150 IF you can find one. They are on national backorder. You can get one from a junkyard too, I used one from a Taurus to get by for a few days.
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