1. N

    I want to find what this marking means/ the person who built this car before me

    Ok, I bought this 91 mustang about 6 months ago. It’s a 306 trick flow top end, throttle body, bbk unequal length headers, maf blah blah blah you know the deal. I am 19 and was 18 when I bought it so it was a lot of car for me. I always wondered who built this thing because it was built very...
  2. Wayne Waldrep

    Electrical EEC-IV Capacitor Replacement Info

    Replacing the capacitors in your Fox Mustang EEC? Here is the quick and dirty info you need so that you don't have to look all over the place like I did. I watched every YouTube vid I could find on replacing these 3 caps. I also watched plenty of “how to replace capacitors” in general. I have...
  3. M

    Electrical 1989 mustang 5.0 runs rich and stumbles in closed loop

    So I recently converted my 1989 4 cyl to a 5.0 using all the correct engine harnesses from a 1989 car. The ECU I'm running is the A3M out of a 93 car. So the car starts right up no problem. After let's say 60 seconds of idling the car from what I think goes in to closed loop and once it does it...
  4. Hudson N

    Anyone know what this does?

    I've got a 1991 gt, I was looking under the dash and found this weird chord/tube with a yellow button thing coming out of it. Anybody know what that is?
  5. 9

    odd creaking noise

    Hello everyone, I have a 91 hatch (as you can tell by the name lol) there is this odd noise i hear when ever i am driving my car, when ever i am braking or coming to a stop there is a creaking noise that seems to be heard from what sounds like the passenger rear? possible its a strut...
  6. Hudson N

    Fox Clicking/ticking sound coming from the front suspension

    Hey, I have a 91 gt and I keep hearing a clicking sound coming from the front suspension, it's not terribly loud and It seems to make randomly or in corners and acceleration. Anybody know what that Is?
  7. Hudson N

    Fox Alternator or smog pump is seized

    I started up my 91 gt and the belt started squeaking and smoking, it's coming from around the alternator or the smog pump. I think one of them is seized. Anybody know how to tell if they're seized. And if there's any way to fix that. If it is the smog pump, can I just get a smaller belt or...
  8. Hudson N

    My a.c. tempature control knob wont turn

    Hey, the knob that controls the a.c. temperature on my 1991 will barely turn. It has a lot of resistance in it and I don't want to break anything by turning it when it's resisting that much, anybody know what's going on in there? Thanks.
  9. S

    New Here ...help 1991 Gt 5.0

    Hi All, First I'd like to thank Admin. for allowing me to join! My Stang...1991 GT 5.0.... Stock bottom end Trick Flow Track Heat Heads, E303 Cam, Performance Plus Typhoon Intake, C&L 76mm mass air w/h 65mm Ford Racing Throttle Body, Cold air intake with K&N cone filter in fender well, stock...
  10. Noobz347

    Powerdyne BD-11 Install - M-6066-A50/A51/A52 Installation Instructions 2017-03-20

    Powerdyne BD-11 Install - M-6066-A50/A51/A52 Installation Instructions
  11. D

    1991 Gt Foxbody Rough Idle/stalls

    So my 91 GT has been having some idling issues lately. Whenever I start the car it either stalls straight away if I dont step on the gas right away, or the RPMs will just jump around and it will not stay steady, and the eventually stall out. This past summer I took it on a pretty far road trip...
  12. M

    Fox 1991 Mustang Gt No Start When Temp Is Below 50f. Need Help

    I have been playing with this Mustang for about a year. It runs great when the weather is warm. When the temp gets down to 50 or less, it refuses to start. It spins over fine. I can raise the hood and let the sun shine on it and it will start after it warms up a bit. I have taken a hair dryer...
  13. M

    '91 Mustang - Lower Radiator Hose Burst Driving Up Steep Hills

    Driving up one windy continous HILL... my Fox body SLUGGED up to the peak of the hill. Pedal to the floor, moving to the top speed of 5 MPH...the LOWER RADIATOR HOSE BURST!!! Rusty brown water and coolant SPRAYED the entire engine bay. Now that I replaced the hose, slight coolant flush, NEW...
  14. tkd4ever

    SOLD 1991 - 1993 Mustang Pony Silver Center Cap / Used

    4 caps in very good condition with all attaching clips. These OEM caps fit factory Pony wheels from 1991 to 1993 Mustangs. QTY: 4 Brand: Ford OEM Lugs: 4 Part Number: F1ZC-1AD96-AA
  15. B

    New To The Foxbody World

    I just bought a 1991 lx mustang with a 306 crate motor, gt40p heads, a ford motor sports e cam, ford motor sports 24 lb injectors, gt40 intake upper and lower, 73mm throttle body, rebuilt t5 with brand new motor sports clutch. 373 gears, it has a front k member with coil overs flaming river...
  16. 5.0foxbody91

    Engine Vibration Above 3000rpm

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, I've always loved mustangs, and I finally got one. It's a 91 lx hatch. I've had some trouble with it, but I have most of the problems fixed except for this vibration one. The shifter will vibrate like hell above 3000 rpms, whether I'm sitting still or going down...
  17. FOR SALE 1991 Mustang walk around

    FOR SALE 1991 Mustang walk around

    walk around to show how straight and clean it is. It has a big lumpy cam but the wind was too much and the sound is bad.