1994 convertible

  1. P

    Need help identifying 1994 v6 Saleen

    Hello, My husband passed away, and left me with a 1994 v6 Mustang convertible that he said was very special because it's a Saleen. It has the solid double long-strip Saleen graphics on the sides. I wasn't able to locate any Saleen numbers, and from reading on this site, I learned the v6s were...
  2. B

    Idling high out of nowhere

    Please help! I have a ‘94 V6. Driving yesterday, it started idling at 15 to 1600 RPMs. Had to stand on the brakes hard at traffic lights just to keep it still. Even got to the point where the temperature got extremely high. I know there are other topics on the same thing, but I am so lost with...
  3. Lawdawg86

    1994 mustang GT convertible top out of adjustment

    So I bought the car from the PO, she told me they’d replaced the top but that it sounds like somethings not right in the back. She told me the drivers side top won’t go all the way up to latch and so she worried it would break window. Never worked on a convertible top before but what adjustments...