Need help identifying 1994 v6 Saleen


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Feb 20, 2022
Mebane, NC

My husband passed away, and left me with a 1994 v6 Mustang convertible that he said was very special because it's a Saleen. It has the solid double long-strip Saleen graphics on the sides. I wasn't able to locate any Saleen numbers, and from reading on this site, I learned the v6s were not numbered. I need help as to how to verify if it is one of the few v6 Saleens made? It has sat for years, and currently is not running.

I'm hoping the car will have value that I can use towards our daughter's schooling. My husband battled cancer for several years, and was on disability when he passed.

Thanks for any help.
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Sorry for your loss. 94 was the only year that I am aware of that Saleen produced the v6 version. I would contact Saleen with the vin of your car and see if you can get it authenticated. It will most likely cost a fee if it is a real Saleen car for the letter of authentication. You will need that to prove it is a real Saleen upon your sale to get top dollar. Post some pictures if you can. Have not seen a V6 car for a while. A real v6 car used to live close by me years ago. It’s been gone for 10 or so years now. Good luck to you.
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Pretty rare car

Funny the one that lived a few blocks away from me had a full Saleen body kit on it. It was a silver vert. Within the first 5-10 years the front airdam was damaged. It was taped up for a while then it was replaced with a stock front bumper cover that was the same silver. The car sat outside its whole life so it was pretty weathered. Then it disappeared. No idea if the guy moved or sold the car. I saw it about 4 years ago driving down the main road in my area though.