2000 gt

  1. D

    Engine Drained oil capacity much lower than expected

    Hello all, I got my 2000 GT just about a year ago and did my second oil change today. The refill capacity for it is 5 quarts, but only about 3 quarts came out when I drained it. I have never seen oil puddles beneath the car. Any ideas why this would happen? Thanks!
  2. 00 mustang pearl white

    00 mustang pearl white

    2000 mustang gt convertible wanna amp up my speakers. it already has a ton of bass and what not but i feel like the speakers are gonna blow out when i turn them up about half way.
  3. ConnorM37

    2000 Gt Engine Swap- In Progress

    Greetings everybody. Im new here and my mechanical experience is not very extensive. I have a nice 2000 gt that I love and it needs an engine swap. I feel like I know my car well enough though to work on it myself. I was close to selling it but I couldn't let a car like this slip out of my...
  4. Kris Bermingham

    4.6 Performance

    Hello I am new to this thread. I'm looking for alittle bit more performance out of my 2000 mustang. I already have a cold air intake, typhoon intake, undersized pully kit, coil packs, and a 75mm throttle body. Any recommendations on next upgrade. Should I start to upgrade my clutch?
  5. A

    Need Help With 2000 Gt Saleen Supercharged

    Hey everyone im new to this page. I have a saleen supercharger that i want to put in my 00 gt but i want to know if i have to change my wiring harness. I have the whole set up and saleen ecu too.