2001 mustang cobra

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    For Sale 01 SVT Cobra OEM Export Tail Light Wiring Harnesses w/5 Pin Connector

    $360 shipped Lafayette, IN I'm selling my set of 2001 Cobra export style tail light wiring harnesses that have the additional bulb socket for the amber turn signals. Ford OEM parts. They're in great condition and full working order. 5 pin connector intact with all socket seals, mount pins, and...
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    ‘01 Cobra Speedo off

    Any advice as to which box to buy to reset my speedo. Previous owner upgraded to a numerically higher tear end and speedo is off between 11-16 mph. Of course it is recording miles faster too. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated.
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    2001 Cobra Engine Advice Needed

    Hey guys, So I bought an 01 cobra about a month back now and it had a nasty knock which I was aware of before looking at the car. From what I heard and what Ive read online Im assuming its a thrown journal bearing. Im in the middle of pulling the motor, but once that happens Im not sure what I...
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    2001 Cobra A/c Drag

    I have an 01 Cobra, 81k miles. Mods are Offroad H pipe, flowmaster 40s, K&N intake and steeda springs. I feel a very noticeable difference in performance when I have the A/C turned on (usally for the GF). Ive heard 5-10 hp drain, but somtimes it feels more like 30hp. I mean it feels like I've...