1. A

    How should I go about getting to 600hp?

    I have a vortech supercharged 2006. It's pushing 460 to the wheels and 450 tq. I want to get it to around 600, however, I know there are measures I need to take before then. I was wondering if these steps were reasonable. On 10psi from 3.6 pulley. Long Tube headers and X pipe in a two weeks...
  2. M


    Totaled (according to insurance) mustang in a crash Monday.. Please just help me with advice because I don't know where to start
  3. M

    Power windows not moving

    Hi all, I recently purchased a coupe 2006 Mustang V6. As I was driving around in it, my windows randomly stopped working. Won’t go up or down. My driver side window is stuck all the way down and my passenger is stuck with the window all the way up. Although, when I open and close my passenger...
  4. A

    Timing chain guide broken

    Recently the one of the guides/tensioners on my timing chain broke. The broken part broke my valve cover. We're trying to replace it but I can't figure out what the part number is. This is on a 2006 4l v6. The pictures aren't great but could anyone point me in the right direction?
  5. C

    2006 4.0 V6 Countershaft (aka. Jackshaft)

    I'm rebuilding my engine and when I got the block back from the shop, they had removed the counter shaft and synchronizer to clean out the block. There is a bearing that sits next to the gear on the counter shaft and one end of the bearing is tapered. Does anyone know if the tapered end should...
  6. W

    06 Gt Fuel Presure Drop When Accelerating

    06 mustang GT, 180K Miles, good upkeep, fuel filter replaced every other oil change when the vehicle has been driving for more than 20-30 minutes, the fuel rail pressure drops to 10-20 kPa when I want to accelerate fast but as soon as I let off the gas it jumps back up. when idle, or cruising...
  7. C

    Need Help

    My 2006 v6 mustang seems to have a little rattle or chirp coming from the engine behind the dashboard. This happens when I just start the car and when I accelerate. When I start the car it it's at about 1100 rpm then after 30 seconds goes down to 700 approx. Oil pressure is a tad high.The car...
  8. S

    Looking To Buy A 2006 Gt Convertible

    My son has his eye on a 2006 Black GT Premium Convertible, About 80K miles, seems in good shape. Seller has to do some minor suspension repair. Not big! Will run Carfax tomorrow. I have seen some negative feedback on these. Electrical primarily with battery/alt. You always get the negative...
  9. Valerielovesme

    Expired 2006 Red Mustang Gt Premium Coupe 12k Whittier, Ca

    Selling my Dad's 2006 Red Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe Clean - in great condition Power Leather Seats - Black Power Windows 5 speed manual transmission Mileage: 65,745 Shaker 500 audio system am/fm stereo with 6 disc in - dash cd changer Alloy wheels Performance clutch My father has passed...
  10. S

    Rear-ended Someone In My 2006 V6 Manual Transmission Mustang, Totaled?

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the site and I wish I had some great pictures to share with you; however I got into an accident on a major highway in which I rear ended some one(who was stopped on the highway, and I was skidding to a stop at around 20mph). After the collision, in which the...
  11. S

    Water Soaking Passanger Side, Cant Find Answer In Other Posts

    I have a 2006 V6 convertible. I had a ton of water in my passenger side, and through this forum figured out the problem was a clog in the piece behind the windshield, causing water to come out behind the glove box. I cleared it out, and it was fine. Now, a week later, I looked over and both the...
  12. 2013 Mustang GT-Roush Axleback Exhaust

    2013 Mustang GT-Roush Axleback Exhaust

    In this video, I decided to give you the full range of the sound of my roush axlebacks. Let me know if you have any questions!