How should I go about getting to 600hp?


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Apr 17, 2020
Stone Mountain, GA
I have a vortech supercharged 2006. It's pushing 460 to the wheels and 450 tq. I want to get it to around 600, however, I know there are measures I need to take before then. I was wondering if these steps were reasonable. On 10psi from 3.6 pulley.

Long Tube headers and X pipe in a two weeks. It'll probably get me to about 475.

Forged Rotating assembly rated for 1000
Clutch rated for 800
Driveshaft rated for 1000
Fuel Pumps
8 rib belt
3.25 pulley or
2.87 or 3.125 pulley ? Not sure how much boost these would make.


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