5.0 conversion

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    88gt swap into 1993 4 cylinder

    I have a 1988 gt donar mustang that I want to take the motor and transmission out of and swap into my 1993 mustang 4 cylinder. The donar car runs and drives but is rusted at the frame and strut towers beond repair. I am confident I know everything about the mehcanical side of the swap however...
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    5.0 Swap Fuel Pump Wiring Question? Please Help!

    I am installing a 1991 Mustang 5.0 GT motor / trans swap with wiring harness in a 1953 Ford Custom and my question is regarding an inline electric fuel pump that I would like to use the stock wiring and relay out of the Mustang for. The four wires coming out of the fuel pump relay are the Green...