5.0 fox

  1. M

    What's it Worth? '93 5.0 HO

    I'll be pulling the 5.0 out of my '93 GT to drop in a freshened up 5.0 that should be putting down about 275-290 flywheel horsepower. The current motor is all stock, 102K, runs great, no oil leaks and had a compression reading of 145 psi across the board. Garage space is limited and I don't...
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    My 1st fox I just picked up
  3. H

    Idle issues

    I just recently bought a 91 mustang 5.0 (my 83 got totaled) it was running great when I bought it a few weeks went by and now the idle is dropping really low when stopped it’ll even die at times I replaces the tps and iac checked for vacuum leaks and cleaned the throttle I don’t know what else...
  4. breth3

    Fuel Fuel Pump upgrade on mild 5.0L

    Hey guys, I need to replace the rusty fuel lines on my 1990 5.0L notch. SVE makes a decent fuel line/system upgrade kit. The kit has 3/8" delivery lines and stock return lines and it comes with a 340 LPH Aeromotive fuel pump which supports gas/E85. I have a BBK adjustable fuel pump regulator on...
  5. AydenTv

    What's it Worth? 89 LX Convertible 5.0 Or 97 Cobra??

    I have a Stock 89 LX Convertible with a 5.0 inside it.. posted it on fb for 5k and a guy dm'd me and said he had a 97 Cobra with 3:27 gears, bbk Cold air Inrake, Bbk suspension, 133k miles, saleen rims, 5 speed, and says the vin comes back as a real cobra.. but the seats was changed to cloth...
  6. S

    Engine 5.0 Running Rough (1990)

    Mustang running very rough Any Help Greatly Appreciated. i did upgrade to 24lb injectors but problem was there prior to the change as well changed : distributor cap and rotor, also change the coil, spark plugs + wires, fuel filter, fuel pump, IAC, EGR, still can't figure out the problem. also...
  7. Stonerboys

    Fuel 92 5.0 fox won’t stay running

    Hey guys, I’m having trouble with my 92 5.0 lx. My current problem is my car will start and run for about 30 seconds to a minute and then will stall out. Starts right back up but keeps doing the same thing over and over again. My first problem with the car started back in the summer. The fuel...