5.0 foxbody

  1. 1989LXFOX

    Engine High Idle (2k)

    Hello Stangnet, My car recently started to idle high, a little over 2,000 at idle. The RPMs drop down when I engage a gear then climb normally while progressing through gears (5 speed manual). When I come to a light the idle goes to a little of 2k. The normal idle set by my mechanic last...
  2. 1989LXFOX

    Knocking At Passenger Side Front Tire

    Hello all, I have eiback lowering springs so the car has been dropped about 1.5". When ever I hit a bump I hear a knocking coming from the passenger side front tire. I also noticed that the tire there rubs and knocks when someone is sitting in passenger side. I have caster camber plates too...
  3. 1989LXFOX

    Airaid Throttle Body For Fox?

    I was looking at this throttle body spacer for my stock (cold air intake) engine. MPN# 400-526. Its $131 bucks which isnt bad. Wanted to see if anyone had any opinions. I realize that I wont be able to tell the difference on the torque most likely, but I heard it gives a cool whistle sound!
  4. 1989LXFOX

    Gt40 (3 Bar) And Gt40 Intake Install Cost?

    Hello all, I am buying a pair of cleaned GT40 3 bar heads and I have a GT40 intake (Internal EGR). I would like to have these installed professionally as I dont have the time or honestly, the know how. I know there are a ton of factors to take into account, but assuming I supply the gaskets...