1. M

    FE Build ABS Light constantly on

    Hey all, I tried searching this issue and it seems like a lot of people have the same problem but no one ever posts what actually fixed it. My ABS light is on in my 02 Mustang and when I press the traction control button on the dash, nothing happens. I tried pulling codes on it; however, my...
  2. sac95gf

    95 gt abs sensor compatibility

    I have a 95 gt and the abs sensor came on yesterday. i ran the codes and its 33 so i need to replace the front left abs speed sensor. i have been looking all morning and can not find any motorcraft ones for 95, only 97 and up. anyone know if a Motorcraft BRAB65 is compatible for a 95? and if not...
  3. C

    No brakes

    Hi I recently replaced my master cylinder because I figured that would fix my problem of not being able to stop when I press the brake pedal. System was bled by the books after replacing and brake pads were inspected and are almost brand new. Although, an ABS light does come on and I have not...
  4. B

    Line locks

    I just bought line locks for an 02 GT was wondering if My model has ABS I heard I may have trouble installing if I do.
  5. 0

    2007 GT - TCS light

    2007 GT- So my gt has always had the TCS light on since i bought it 5 months ago and i thought it was simply the ABS module as thats what my code reader said it was. I replaced the ABS module and after about a mile of driving the light popped back on. It now comes on and off periodically, iv...
  6. R

    95 Mustang GT ABS brake problem

    so i have a 95 mustang, just got it. parked at my house i put it in reverse and started to back up, i moved 1 foot before the ball joint popped out of the lower control arm on the front driver side. took off the brakes and replaced the ball join and now when i brake at 10-15mph i feel a grinding...
  7. MoDriver

    For Sale 1997-2004 Ford Mustang Front Right Passenger side ABS sensor F7ZC-2C204-AA

    Listed is a Ford Mustang NEW Front Passenger/Right side ABS/speed sensor w/cable Ford Part # F7ZC-2C204-AA (Standard Brand) Asking $25/or make an offer, buyer pays shipping from Bradenton, FL (34210). Bought for a 1998 Mustang Cobra and was never used. Should fit most Mustangs from 1997...
  8. M

    Abs Light

    The ABS and trac off light have been on in my 2004 GT since I bought it one year ago. I have replaced all brake pads, rotors, and calipers. I have thoroughly cleaned the ABS rings on all wheels; however, the lights are still on. I have been able to turn them off with a diagnostic reader, but...
  9. ursixx

    Abs Light.

    When you put the car in the on position should the ABS light go on? I have a suspicion that it is blown or unplugged . Winter is here in Sweden and I have had a couple of braking situation where I would expect the ABS to kick in but it didn't .As I understand the ABS light has a blinking...
  10. L

    Abs Problems

    I recently had the passenger rear axle replaced on my 2003 mustang gt. I picked it up and the abs system was having problems (Pulsating under 5 mph). You could feel the abs system trying to work but it couldn't. I took it back and they checked the rear and everything was good. The checked...
  11. A

    2004 Brakes Relieving

    I recently purchased a 2004 v6 convertible Mustang just for fun. The brakes have a squishy wet fart feeling just before you come to a stop. This happens when you're at 2 to 3 mile an hour it feels like the brake fluid is relieving but I do not know where. Does this sound like a bad master...