FE Build ABS Light constantly on


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Sep 9, 2021
Hey all,

I tried searching this issue and it seems like a lot of people have the same problem but no one ever posts what actually fixed it. My ABS light is on in my 02 Mustang and when I press the traction control button on the dash, nothing happens. I tried pulling codes on it; however, my reader (Creader Vii+) just says unable to connect to vehicle's ECU. It will still read PCM and RCM codes, it just won't connect when I select ABS.

All the wheel speed sensors seem to be okay (just visual inspection) and I don't immediately notice any damage on the reluctors.

I fear it is the ABS module, anyone know how I can test this, before I just buy one and swap it out? I say module because in theory, I should be able to access the ABS system with this reader.
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I've had the same issue and was going to look into this, seems to be a common problem with the abs module.

Yeah, I grabbed a module from a junkyard car and swapped it and that fixed the issue.

Seems the tell tale sign is if your scanner can’t connect to the ecu then it’s most likely the module. I was using an innova 6030P if that helps you at all. Once I swapped the module the light went off and my scanner was able to read the abs codes again. It threw a code saying mismatched abs module, but I was able to just clear it and that code did not throw the light on.